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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "quitter" - brother bird

Photo Credit: Chris Bauer

This song, “quitter” by brother bird, also known as Caroline Glaser, is a chill pop song all about when you’re stuck in a rut and you can’t seem to follow through on anything. Whether it's because of fear of judgment, or a lack of energy, or confusion about what you actually want out of your life, everyone can relate to feeling like a quitter sometimes. As the song says, “everyone’s a quitter, everyone hates it out here.” Sometimes it can just feel easier to give up and to “make up excuses,” as the lyrics say, and this song exemplifies the fact that you are not alone in that feeling. It’s part of being human, to give into that urge to stop trying, and sometimes it’s better to push through that but sometimes it’s alright to just give in and take a break.

“quitter” is a pop song that capitalizes on both the chill moments and the more extreme moments throughout the four and a half minutes it contains. With smooth vocals and a relatively low key base melody, there are also intense horn sections and stronger beats placed throughout that keep the song punching and energetic. It never stays the same, remaining fluid in the best way possible so that you as a listener never get bored or get complacent. Starting off mellow, the song picks up pace and complexity as you travel through the verses and renditions of the chorus, before reaching a peak in the last chorus and slowly fading with an outro that maintains the vibrancy of the rest of the song.

brother bird is the professional name of the musical artist Caroline Glaser, whose goal is to make music that exemplifies life, with all of its small embarrassments and frustrations and intimacy. Caroline Glaser has toured with Manchester Orchestra, and has opened for other artists such as Pete Yorn, Cavetown, Pinegrove, and Bad Books, a band that she is now a new member of. Under the name brother bird, she released her first EP in 2018, titled “brother bird”, and has released a multitude of other music since then. “Quitter” is a song off of her newest album called “another year,” which came out on March 8th and has been described as her most soul-stirring collection of songs yet. Use the links below to listen to more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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