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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Reasons Why" - Scarlett Andrews

Scarlett Andrews Reason Why Cover Art

Scarlett Andrews is singing about burning bridges and moving on in her brand new single, “Reasons Why.” This track has some pretty amazing lyrics, and if you’ve ever had a complicated end to a relationship, they might sound quite familiar. It explores themes of love and loss between two individuals whose relationship has been severely damaged. Perhaps the most relatable aspect of the song is the struggle between holding on to someone you cared about, or letting go. Scarlett highlights this conflict in lines such as, “Faded love/ bridge is burned so I’m packing up.” Here, she utilizes the common metaphor of a “burned bridge” to suggest a sense of finality. She later contradicts her assertion to leave by singing, “Won’t you wait/ Won’t you stay?” The addition of these few words showcase her reconsideration to stay. Scarlett makes a point to repeat ‘I’d wait” several times, this repetition does a great job of conveying her sense of longing and simultaneous difficulty of letting go. “Reasons Why” is a bittersweet farewell, and it’s certainly a relatable journey which listeners will absolutely love. 

Despite the emotional depth of “Reasons Why,” the song manages to maintain an upbeat and quite lively tempo. The instrumentals are alluring, while Scarlett’s intense vocals deliver the lyrics with sincerity. Her voice is undoubtedly a highlight throughout the music as a result of Scarlett’s ability to sing with such profound emotion. The vibe of the song is relaxed, making it optimal for unwinding or casual listening purposes. However, I found myself dancing by its end as “Reasons Why” does feature a slight instrumental break. Overall, the song evokes heart wrenching feelings… with a great beat. With all this being said, I believe “Reasons Why” will be a standout track in Scarlett Andrews’ growing discography.

Scarlett Andrews is a sensational British singer/songwriter hailing from Leicester. She’s making waves in the music world with her latest single, “Reasons Why.” This track only adds to her growing list of hits which includes fan favorites such as “Choices” and “Never Too Much.” Scarlett started her musical journey at just 16 with a full 10- track album, impressive right? Inspired by the songwriting prowess of Raye and the soulful sounds of both Amy Winehouse and Adele, Scarlett’s music combines heart wrenching lyrics with passionate vocals. When Scarlett isn’t writing songs, you can find her performing at the local spots in Leicester where she brings an impressive stage presence to her live shows. To keep up with Scarlett Andrews and all of her latest music releases, be sure to follow all of her social media listed below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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