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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Rollercoaster" - Charlotte Sands

There's something addictive about rollercoasters--the ups, the downs, the loops, and the fast pace of it all. We're addicted to the thrill it gives, the feeling in our stomachs that makes us want to seek out more. But sometimes, we find ourselves finding this same feeling in our relationships, the highs and lows describing the toxicity of it all-- the goods feeling so good but having to go through the worst of lows. It feels inescapable like you're stuck for the ride. "Rollercoaster" by Charlotte Sands describes just this, the ways we seek the thrills of a relationship and end up realizing that the lack of constancy might drive us insane. But there's always that lingering thought that since we've gone through so much together that getting off that ride seems impossible. With this alternative pop track, we see the dizzying feeling that comes with a turbulent relationship.

"Rollercoaster" is mesmerizing. Charlotte Sands starts the song with this buildup of instruments, the guitar, her voice, and then the drums. It slowly lets us climb up this hill until we find ourselves sitting at the top, waiting for the drop. Sands sings the lyrics, "You change but never tell me when/I don't know who I'm up against" and brings us on this rollercoaster, anticipating the rises and falls associated with this ride. Sands' vocals are powerful, striking this harmony with the melody and setting our feelings on fire with an unmatched intensity that drags us in. The song truly feels like a rollercoaster in the best of ways, our hearts moving with the track and our minds fixated on the meaning.

Charlotte Sands is authentic, fiery, and phenomenal. The singer/songwriter has captured hearts and minds with her relatable and vulnerable music. Over this lockdown, she dropped seven singles and amassed a large crowd of fans, passionately inspired and welcomed by her words and talent. Sands is based in Nashville, TN, but starting on September 6th is going to be traveling around the US for her headlining tour, "Love and Other Lies" where she can connect with her fans on a more intimate level, giving them a space to feel free and express themselves with her music and performances.

Written by Jane Katryn



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