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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "See You Again Sometime" - Kayleigh Wilson

Kayleigh Wilson’s “See You Again Sometime” is the perfect ballad of regret and reminiscing. It’s the clarity after a breakup when you realize you may have been the villain in this once considered fairytale. Sometimes people simply aren’t right for each other. We wish on every shooting star that we’ll finally meet the person who treats us right, gives us their whole heart, and we pray they won’t hurt us… but sometimes we get all that and we feel more alone than when we were actually alone. It doesn’t matter how perfect someone is if they’re not perfect for you. So we break hearts that only want to love us; we throw away what many would consider treasure; we leave without a trace because we’ve been lost this whole time and finally found a path out. Sometimes we hurt good people. Hurt people usually do. Then we move on, since we weren’t fully in, and we forget there’s another person who didn’t see it coming. We’ve been both sides of the coin, and neither are fun. The heartbreaker or the heartbroken, which is easier? We can’t get them out of our minds because we hope they’re okay, and we pray they find someone more deserving of their love. We hear from friends of friends that they’re not doing so well, and we are culpable for the destruction, but it’s not fair to anyone to stay in a relationship that’s not working, even if the other person thinks it’s perfect. We feel regret when we have someone’s heart in our hand and shatter it, but the heart that we must protect the most is our own. All you can do is hope they’re well, hope they understand, and hope they give us at least a little smile when they see you again sometime.

This song perfectly embodies what it’s like to be stuck as the world whips around you like a carousel. You wonder if they’re still wondering about you too. Did I hurt them so bad that they can’t move on? Do they hate me? Did I hurt them so bad that I’m afraid to do it to someone else? Am I ready for the love I think I want? Are we both stranded in our past, afraid of our future, and not enjoying the present? It’s easy to speculate on what would’ve been, could’ve been, should’ve been… but when it’s not working, it’s not right, and as much as it hurts you and will inevitably hurt them, nothing is more hurtful than staying somewhere you don’t want to be. “You open up your heart to me, but I threw you to the ground.” We’ve all been here, whether we were the one breaking the heart or having our heart be broken, and it’s safe to say a relationship ending is rarely just one person’s fault. Sometimes two souls just aren’t destined to be with one another, and when you’re in a relationship with a great person who loves you, it can be hard to leave, but there is nothing worse than staying with someone just because they’re a good person. A good person does not always equate to great love. We crave that can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t breathe without it love, and we should not blame ourselves for removing ourselves from a person or relationship that gives us anything less.

Kayleigh Wilson is a singer/songwriter from North Lincolnshire. She is a shy girl with a lot of wisdom, and she shares her words and experiences through her music. She’s been making music for a long time, and she’s finally ready to let the world hear what she has to say. “See You Again Sometime” hits the nail on the head of the flip side of heartbreak. When you’re the one doing the heartbreaking it can be easy to feel guilty or regretful, but life is not about going backwards. You loved; you lost, and now all you can do is try your best to learn from your mistakes and never settle for less than you deserve, and all you can hope for them is that they look back on your time together fondly and realize you weren’t right for them either, and you hope they never lose their big heart and find someone really soon who’s out there searching for them too. Kayleigh’s spirit and experiences reside proudly in her lyrics. She had an ethereal, captivating voice that lets you know you should listen to her every word. Kayleigh is just beginning, and we hope we see her again sometime.. really soon.

Written By Grace Chapman



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