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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Small Town Blues" - About Gorillas and Vampires

If you had ever felt 'Blue' at 3 AM and need some music to help guide your thoughts "Small Town Blues," by About Gorillas and Vampires would be the perfect choice. A song that highlights the emotions, sorrow, and restriction that one may feel when their life is not going the way they had wished, wanting to just drop everything, seeing themselves "getting out of here."

With the song's dark and melancholic tone combined with the wonderful and catchy electric beat and lyrics, "Small Town Blues," truly captures the listeners attention. The song tells a story to the listener, expressing unfulfilled dreams, about leaving everything behind to start all over. About Gorillas and Vampires also emphasizes within their song is the fact that no matter what you dream/wish to do or whatever actions you dare to take, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

"About Gorillas and Vampires," formed on the outskirts of Cologne Germany, in 2010, when two people fell in love not only for each other but also with their musical capabilities. One (he) being a professional audio engineer and musician and the other (she) being always interested in writing and singing, came together to work on different demo tracks thus creating the Indie Synth Pop Duo we know of today as, "About Gorillas and Vampires." They both wear LED masks to preserve their anonymity but be sure to keep up with their journey by following their socials down below!

Written By Troy Sica



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