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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Something New" - Meredith Rounsley

I work as a night auditor outside of the world of writing. Night auditors, for those in the unknown, are essentially diet accountants for hotels. I make sure the daily transactions are correct and guests are billed accordingly. In other words, I have one of the most boring adult jobs out there. So, I definitely need pick-me-ups to make life a little more bearable and just overall more exciting. That’s why I go out of my way to experience new things whenever possible; and it seems Meredith Rounsley is of the same mindset. In Rounsley’s latest single, “Something New”, she’s upfront and personal about her own inclinations for unique and novel escapades.

“Something New” details the desire for fresh experiences when everyday life has become a little too mundane and repetitive. This craving then sends us on an unbridled search for these new experiences. The indie-pop song opens with Rounsley confessing they’ve taken “mushrooms in L.A.” as thumping guitar and drum notes carry out a melody that passes no judgment - only the best vibes. This leads to more confessions with vices that ultimately sum up to one major question: “what do I have to do to feel something new when I’m sober?” Precisely hitting on the fact that reality can be so jarring to face without the occasional aide. But even aides only go so far in helping us achieve “kaleidoscope eyes”, or capturing the joy of experiencing something for the first time. In the soft rock-studded bridge, Rounsley gives listeners a taste of her vocal range with sonant hymns that faintly remind me of Karen Carpenter. Hinting at the idea that the desire to feel something new is timeless, while simultaneously pointing out that aides eventually lose their ability to make us feel anything at all. Or as our songstress puts it, we get “so used to the buzz now / That [we] barely feel it”. Overall, Rounsley’s charming personality glitters in “Something New” because of how easily relatable the sentiment is. And I think that makes her a great candidate to become your latest vice. Or better yet, the substitute for your current vice.

Meredith Rounsley is an indie-pop singer, songwriter, and the self-proclaimed “cool aunt’s therapist”. The artist is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee but frequently travels up and down the states to share her candid stories with listening audiences. Music stole Rounsley’s heart at a young age and led her to study it in Australia. Upon returning to the states, she began creating music and performing at local hotspots before her second love, Nashville, prompted the artist to move. Now, she gets to collaborate with various co-writers to bring listeners the engaging vulnerability that’s become her songwriting. “Something New” will be the second single on Rounsley’s upcoming EP, Soft Animals, Strong Chemicals. Rounsley will be wrapping up The Something New Tour tonight in Philadelphia. If you missed out on seeing her perform live, you can always show your latest obsession some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille


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