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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Something Wrong" - The Thing With Feathers

Meeting someone new can be both thrilling and utterly terrifying. It's hard to face your fears and to step into the unknown, feeling uncertain about the future. The Thing With Feathers tackle this in their new single, "Something Wrong." Lead singer David Welcsh elaborates on the song's relatable narrative, stating, "The song is about the way up. It’s about meeting someone new and exciting. It’s about the fear and the thrill of pushing down what hurts your heart and stepping out on shaky ground." Keeping the momentum going from the release of their sophomore EP, "Something Wrong" comes on the heels of Waste My Revenge with an electrifying energy that'll have listeners hooked.

With an exhilarating alt-rock/indie-pop soundscape, "Something Wrong" is an absolute banger bound to get some blood pumping. The infectious track features driving drum beats and dynamic guitar riffs, giving the song plenty of edge. Having a compelling pop sensibility, "Something Wrong" is filled with unforgettable melodies delivered by Welcsh's sultry vocals. The impressive sound present in this song is reminiscent of The 1975, COIN, Kings of Leon, The Fray, and The Band CAMINO, making this track perfect for any alt-rock/indie-pop playlist. A truly addictive single, "Something Wrong" is short and sweet, leaving listeners begging for more.

Based in Nashville, The Thing With Feathers is an up-and-coming alt-rock/indie-pop band making waves in the music industry. The group consists of David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar), and Chris Roussell (drums). Drawing inspiration from many amazing artists, The Thing With Feathers cites acts like Coldplay, The 1975, and The Strokes as their primary influences. The distinct sound they have created has led the group to success, garnering over a million streams on their single "Figure It Out" since its 2019 release. Two EPs and several singles later, The Thing With Feathers has created quite the following, giving the group animated crowds to match their energetic live performances.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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