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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Sometimes I Wanna Cry" - Sarina

“Sometimes I Wanna Cry” is a yell-your-heart-out anthem that examines the catharsis of all these built-up and complicated emotions inside of you Taking inspiration from Japanese rock, Sarina succeeded in creating a song that people can just vent to. Skipping Sarina’s usual flowery poetic or vivid lyrics, this song is just straightforward, looking at how sometimes, intense feelings of depression, sadness, and apathy can overwhelm us. We cry because of the good or bad, to release pent-up emotions, to know that we are alive, and to just take a buffer from the constant negative media that plagues anywhere we look. Sarina’s refreshing rage is an honest reminder that others have no right to criticize your feelings, and it’s ok to cry, yell, and scream healthily.

Sarina didn’t even know the charm that this song held over others. Writing the song “as a sort of cathartic release…only [writing] the chorus and [posting] it to Instagram on a whim”, she was pleasantly surprised by the sudden influx of views and the subsequent clamor for the song to be released. The song quickly grew from a simple cathartic release to a stark look at how emotions are processed and looked up in today’s age. The subsequent music video was beautifully shot, interspacing shots of her lounging in her bed with shots of her as a mime, trying to break through the invisible way of social normalcy.

Fueled by a passion for self-expression, Sarina is continuously on the road to discovery and creation, establishing her genre-less and borderless musical skills with creativity. As all of her music, artwork, and production is produced under her own direction, her performances promise a cohesive experience that embodies her own vision and outlook on life. Currently based in Tokyo, Sarina began by releasing original music on Instagram. After hitting 2.3 million views with one video, her follower count increased dramatically, from 13.6K to 130K within two weeks. Talk about a blowup. Since then, Sarina has only reached higher heights, garnering worldwide attention from Asia, US, and the UK as a musician and also her additional talents as a model and influencer. Her next single, “Melancholy Roads No More” is set to release soon.

Written By Megan Cao



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