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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Strawberry Pie" - Arden Alexa

Strawberry Pie is a perfect catchy pop song that will leave you hooked. Just after a few listens it was stuck in my head and I couldn't help singing along, every listen after that. The song has substance yet still remains playful, making it really enjoyable to listen to. The title, "Strawberry Pie" itself sets up the tone that the song is going to be fun-loving and witty. Using strawberry pie as a way to describe the relationship she is writing about, is incredibly unique, and creative. The way she combines her unique ideas, within the constraints of a modern pop song, make it both familiar, but refreshing to listen to. Arden also brings a uniqueness to the song, with her style of vocals. Throughout the song her voice is constantly changing and emphasizing certain phrases and words to add different variations of emotions. There is so much story to be told in the song just through her style of singing alone. The uniqueness of her voice, and the concept of the song, will draw listeners in and leave them hooked. "Strawberry Pie" will be sure to make an appearance on many summer playlists this year.

"Strawberry Pie" resembles the framework of a traditional pop song. In particular the song resembles such popular music artists as Olivia Rodrigo and Ashe. These artists create playful melodies and concepts while still delivering substance and a story. Arden uses this technique and skill in her song "Strawberry Pie". The instrumentals resemble a pop beat, but remains fairly simple, allowing for the character of the song to be highlighted through Arden's voice styling and lyrics.

Arden Alexa was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Even as a child Arden began showing interest in music, and singing. She would get involved with music when she entered high school, singing after and during school. It wasn't until 2021, when Arden would release her first single. Since the release of her first single, she has committed herself to her art. Her newest single “Strawberry Pie” is a testament to her talent and desire to create music within the pop space. Like "Strawberry Pie", her songs display her talent and desire to create authentic music.

Written By Alison Holst



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