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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Sugar Tips" - High Score

‘Sugar Tips’ by High Score brings 80s synthpop music back into the mainstream with a modern twist. The song discusses the infatuation you experience when you’re in the early talking stages with a new flame. You don’t really know each other, but you can already imagine a bright future with them. “How you get so fly, damn you're so gifted; you get me so high, higher than the ceiling.” It's like when you meet someone and instantly connect with them. That SCREAMS chemistry, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. You’ll be dancing along as High Score really brings that attractive energy!

“Why you out here looking like a snack? Just like Doja Cat?" The song has a sensual feel that’s complemented by clever flirting and guitar licks. Magnetic synths and hi-hats reinforce the magical energy in the room. High Score then brings your daydreams to life with incredible falsetto vocals reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Prince. Building to an exciting chorus, they win your heart over with a flavorful medley that’ll have you swooning. This is what love should feel like: you don’t want it to end! A passion for romance and a chance to live in your fantasies?! No wonder it’s so easy to fall in love with this song!

Las Vegas-based songwriters Issy Berry and Christian Hill formed the duo known as High Score during 2020’s lockdown. Previously in a pop-rock band together, they quickly found success in creating magnetic songwriting hooks. Inspired by 80s acts like Ready for the World and Prince, they transport you back to that time with refreshing synthpop ballads. ‘Sugar Tips’ is just the latest masterpiece that’ll have you moving and grooving. Their highly anticipated debut EP comes out this summer! In the meantime, go check out their rendition of Charlie Puth’s song ‘Hard On Yourself' because it's such a cool cover!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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