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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "The List" - Grace Gachot

“The List'' is Grace Gachot’s latest release and it is an impactful one. A breakup anthem, “The List '' offers a screamable soundtrack to moving on. Improvement in herself, especially in relation to the ex partner she sings to is its main focus. In the way someone may write out a to-do list, she writes out rules for healing beyond the relationship. And she follows them. In simplifying her own recovery in such a way, she simplifies the impulse to self destruct and the relationship, ex partner, etc. as well. Whether it be out of spite, as her resentments towards her unfaithful ex are made clear, or out of a need to move past her old ways, she expresses a positive change. The catchy, relatable piece is exactly the positive twist needed in breakup songs.

The music matches extremely well with the words, with a strong beat that lands behind each letter of the lyrics. Simple, but expertly crafted to be. But, beyond the instrumentals, there is extraordinary range offered in Grace Gachot’s voice. She starts at a base high note, using this when singing items in the list and the sentences coordinated to be straightforward. But, when there is a moment of an extended note or words, a piece of the song which continues beyond the concrete groundwork of the rest, her voice shines. She trails into high and low notes and expresses her talent beautifully. As the song goes on, it becomes more and more electric, featuring advanced audio effects that make it stand out. Over these effects, Gachot sings another rendition of her list quickly and the piece ends.

Grace Gachot grew up in Spain and is now London based, focusing on creating music as she has been for years. Her songs focus mainly on her own life and experiences, finding value in vulnerability, and usually relating to fans once she offers it. This is most often in the form of love songs, but not the typical sort. One of her most popular songs for instance, “Beast & His Beauties” released in 2022, offers a twist on the usual romantic story, in which the prince truly was just a beast. The moral to her stories is often to love yourself, even amidst love for another. She’s continued this theme in “The List” which is available now on her Spotify, stream it and follow Grace Gachot below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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