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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Typical" - Assa Music

“Typical” is Assa’s deep house cover of Alok and Steve Aoki’s song. While the original track is known for its infectious beat and the high-intensity vibe it brought, Assa’s interpretation crafts catchy beats and evocative melodies with a darker and more cynical twist. From its first beat, Assa immerses his listeners in a journey that leaves you feeling the effects of the track long after it’s over. Beyond the boundaries of conventional deep house music, Assa demonstrates just a portion of his immense technical skill and mind for creative opportunities. 

With featured vocals in a sea of distortion of reverb, Assa Music perfectly balances the line between bright yet full of nuance and depth. With the carefully crafted production, it’s clear to see how the music is minimal, it’s also impactful in how it pushes the frontiers of house music. By getting right down to the nitty-gritty and reconstructing the track in his image, Assa Music focuses on the big picture but also minute sonic details that add a flavor unreplicable by just anybody. The poignant harmonies and theme around the complexities of love and relationships are drawn out by Assa’s expert vision. 

Assa Music, returning from a prolonged hiatus, is finally back with a new single, “Typical.” The Norwegian EDM producer dabbles in genres such as deep, electronic, and tropical house. From classical roots grounded in piano and trombone, Assa’s talent for music was honed from a young age. For the past two decades, Assa has donned many hats -- from chef to personal trainer. These unique experiences only fuel Assa’s sonic journey. His productions focus on the intermingling of tradition and modernity, welcoming listeners to seek out things that transcend their boundaries. With a rich musical history and commitment to the new, Assa leaves much of a mark on the electronic music landscape. 

Written By Megan Cao


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