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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "UNDER THE WEATHER" - Stilla


Beginning the song with electric guitar was just the edge needed to convey the message of “I’m over this. Good day.” Stilla has an upbeat “f you” track that will have any and everyone singing along, a summer bop, for sure. Stilla begins the storytelling, “You say you hate me.” This immediately clues the listener into the fact that this situation isn't going well, that is, of course, coupled with the title referencing being sick. With the beat being as up-tempo as it is, it certainly doesn’t put the listener in the mind of being under the weather. But, of course, that’s more than likely the point of it, to inspire others to say, “Enough is enough.”

Stilla explained the inspiration behind the bop -““I really wanted to capture that moment where you quit putting up with someone's BS, and start focusing on you and your happiness and freedom to be your best self.”” Stilla makes a point of differentiating between when she is with her significant other and when she isn’t. “You got me feeling so under the weather. Can’t stop the cloudy days when we’re together. You got me feeling so under the weather.” So, this isn’t a situation where one can use the “It’s not you, it’s me.” line. Stilla is saying “No, it’s definitely you, not me.” “It’s like you’re just on a mission to bring me down” The bass guitar picks up the edge where the electric guitar left off, Stilla’s voice navigates the beat with such ease. The beat also seems to mimic steps as one can potentially envision Stilla walking away from this toxic situation. Stilla also sings of how loving her soon-to-be ex-lover has been “painful” and how she feels that they’re a “pessimist”. With this picture being painted for the relationship, there’s no wonder Stilla feels under the weather around them and is looking to get away from that. So, essentially, this song is a notice to a significant other that the relationship is finito while even giving them a groovy song to dance and sing along to. Stilla and her team are truly genius and this song is a pop masterpiece of giant proportions.

Stilla, a self-described “certified pop princess”, and the singer/songwriter is living out that moniker. As an independent artist, Stilla has lots of control over her image as well as musical offerings to the world and she has been making all of the right moves thus far, garnering a nice-sized fan base and receiving recognition from celebrities like Jesy Nelson and Charlie Puth. Stilla’s musical style is described as electro pop and Gen-Z influenced. If “UNDER THE WEATHER” is any indication, I think it’s safe to say that this pop princess isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to grace us listeners with musical gems of royal quality for years to come. If you’ve over the moon for Stilla’s single and want to check out more of her music/content, follow her on all socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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