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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Up At Dawn" - Fat Cat Affair

Waking up next to the person you love and realizing just how lucky you are is a fantastic feeling. Admiring how your love looks, and soaking up every moment with them is a dream come true for many people. Fat Cat Affair perfectly encapsulates this feeling in his new song “Up At Dawn“. This pop ballad is a delicate, love song, inspired by waking up next to the person you love.

The instrumentation of “Up At Dawn“ is simple yet dreamy. Each instrument gets a moment to shine and is accompanied by gentle vocals that stick with you. The song builds on itself beautifully. Beginning with only the strumming of a guitar and Fat Cat's enchanting vocals, it emulates the easy feeling of awakening. As the song progresses we are introduced to more instruments. First piano is added then drums in the chorus. As each instrument is introduced you get nudged deeper and deeper into a sense of comfort. The lyrics are beautifully written and paint a pleasant picture of lovers lying in bed together early in the morning. Fat Cat Affair doesn’t shy away from simile and metaphor in his lyrics. Likening his object of affection to that of an angel assists in painting the full picture of the love they share. From beginning to end this song is an easy listen that warms the heart and gets stuck in your head like nothing else.

Fat Cat Affair is the name of a cat that can’t be beat. Fat Cat is a mystery that I can’t get enough of. He is a multi-talented artist who plays many instruments in many genres. He predominantly Has his paws in genres such as funk, pop, jazz, and RnB. Though this is only his third single release, there’s more to come from the funky feline. Fat Cat has been working with several talented musicians and producers to create. What they call ‘moon songs’ Fat Cat has so much more talent to show the world. He’s definitely a cat to watch out for.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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