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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "VICIOUS" - Thomas Day

Thomas Day holds nothing back in his compelling new single, “VICIOUS”. The emotional track describes the intense feelings of heartache and betrayal he experienced after a devastating breakup. Day transports the listener into his mind after he discovered that the one he loved had been lying to him. The vulnerable lyrics throughout the song provide an insight that only a brilliant songwriter can deliver. The verses offer detailed descriptions of the torment his partner put him through, while the chorus represents Day rising up through the ashes and setting himself free. He sings, “I wish we could go back to the way it was// But I’ve got my own eyes// I’ve seen enough, all the damage.” He has come to realize that his partner has damaged their relationship beyond repair and now knows he needs to let them go. Day withholds the song title until the bridge, where he ties everything together. He sings, “Thinking about all the memories I’d visit// Hoping they’ll just slowly fade away// And maybe it’s my fault// I knew you were always vicious// I just didn’t know it was a game.” Preserving the title word for this one line makes these lyrics more powerful– more potent. Day reveals that he knew his partner was toxic, but had hoped that their relationship would prevail. But in the end, he was only left hurt and betrayed. “VICIOUS” is a heart wrenching track that beautifully showcases a complicated break-up through Day’s ingenious songwriting.

“VICIOUS” is an exceptional track that takes the listener by surprise with the lively production and gloomy lyrics. The song begins with a steady keyboard before Day’s voice kicks off the first verse. When he starts singing, the bass guitar is added, providing a jazzy element to the song. Once the chorus hits, the production intensifies as Day passionately sings the honest lyrics. At this point, the drums are added and the bass and keyboard change pace to match the high energy. Once the second verse commences, the production from the first verse continues, with the drums remaining present. The chorus returns with its full energy, before Day’s angelic falsettos transition the song into the calm bridge. The production mellows, drawing focus on the vulnerable lyrics, before exploding into one final chorus. Day’s remarkable talent is highlighted in “VICIOUS” through the unforgettable lyrics and infectious melodies.

Thomas Day is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Nashville. When he was only 9-years-old, he began participating in musical theater productions. From there, he knew that music was his passion and what his future holds for him. However, when he hit high school, he veered from this path. He turned to football, where he was his school’s star kicker and received several college scholarship offers. Despite this success, his heart remained with his music career. In 2021, he chose to commit to a career in music full-time. He began posting covers on TikTok, where he currently has 6.8 million followers. In the same year that he joined the platform, he signed with Arista Records and released his debut single, “Softly”. With only 9 singles under his belt, he has over 7 million social media followers across all platforms and over 30 million global streams. Day has made a name for himself in such a short time, proving that his 9-year-old self was right all along.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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