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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Wasted" - Morgan Keller

Many of us can relate to the frustrations of the social media age we live in. There are influencers and people constantly portraying themselves in ways that are less than truthful, creating a fake reality that others aspire to achieve. Morgan Keller gives commentary on this lifestyle with her single, "Wasted." The track criticizes social media and influencer culture, showing how the artist is sick of the fake lives people pretend to live online. Keller states "['Wasted'] was inspired by me going to my first party in Los Angeles and realizing people only cared about clout and taking photos instead of actually talking to people and making real connections." "Wasted" is a fiesty song that will resonate with many of us, giving us an outlet for any vexation social media has caused.

Matching the message behind the song, "Wasted" is full of fiery angst and exasperation. Morgan Keller's edgy voice delivers aggressive lines passionately, expressing her discontent with social media and influencers. She's backed by intense, hostile guitar lines and driving drums, creating a gritty pop-rock soundscape perfect for conveying the artist's fed up feelings. Giving us something we can play on repeat, Keller weaves memorable melodies and an infectious energy throughout the song. The mature sound and lyricism showcased in "Wasted" is reminiscent of artists like P!nk and UPSAHL, making the track a fantastic addition to any pop-rock playlist.

Rising pop artist, Morgan Keller, is making serious waves in the music industry. The impressive vocalist has been compared to the likes of Hayley Williams, having a similar vocal quality. Having many diverse influences, Keller's music is inspired by artists like Adele, Aerosmith, and Julia Michaels. Drawing on these influences, her sound tastefully blends togehter pop, rock, and soul. Keller began her music career by releasing her first EP, Glitter and Gold, during her last year at New York University. After graduating, Keller moved to the LA music scene, debuting her single, "Old Habits." This track helped her achieve major success, going viral on TikTok and landing her on SiriusXM's The Blend.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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