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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Wasted on Me" - Bertie Newman

“Wasted on Me” is a melodic indie folk song with an addicting and eerie sound. Bertie Newman wears his heart on his sleeve while writing and signing his new song. “Wasted on Me” can be seen as a chilling look inside Berties head, thinking he is not enough for his partner. This song battles with the demons on the inside while trying to stay composed to the outside, showing his fans his struggles while also being vulnerable. “Addictive to be around, I'm scared I might drag you down”, hits hard. Showing inner truths of what it is like to truly love someone but constantly wondering if you are enough for them.

“Wasted on Me” has a beautiful tone all the way through. Berties voice is captivating, placing an arrow right into your heart and pulling you through this experience with him. Capturing us from the start with his enchanting harmonies before we are even placed into the world of his lyrics. Picking up speed at the chorus, Bertie draws his listeners in by drawing his voice out and then letting us wait for more with each beat. The tone of this song pairs perfectly with its lyrics, creating a musical world of Berties design. Listening through each moment is painful, but you want to experience this beautiful pain along with this alluring song.

Bertie Newman is making large strides in his craft at only 22 years old. The young singer/songwriter is from Hackney London, writes and performs his deeply personal songs. Digging into personal experiences from relationships to mental health, Bertie shares his talent with his audience. He has grown a significant fanbase on Tik Tok. Fans interact by using his songs to create beautiful videos of their own point of views and experiences. Bertie is on track to release his debut EP in April, featuring ‘‘Wasted on Me’’ and ‘‘I Will’’. Make sure to keep up with Bertie Newman and follow him down below!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen



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