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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “What You’re All About” - Electric Neon Clouds

When it comes to meeting new people, it can be seriously intimidating! You don’t know how any form of initial interaction will go, or if the other party will be open to meeting you as well. Thankfully, musical artist Electric Neon Clouds has a song that is not only relatable, but catchy! Known also as Jeremy Cornellier, “What You’re All About” is a simple anthem that allows us to really think of how we go about meeting new people, and the possible anxiety that may arise from it. I think this song has some pretty catchy lyrics! “I’m tired of looking back to find out I missed out,” and “Maybe I’m not brave… I’m always holding back” are both great examples of some thoughts that we may have when experiencing this kind of situation.

“What You’re All About” is short but sweet, which I think works best in this case! I really do feel that the artist was able to properly convey his feelings in this work without making it feel too rushed or drawn out, which can sometimes be a difficult thing to do! The instrumentals are simple and complimented by the use of the guitar and the synth. The style of the song is a nice blend of both Nashville and UK Indie Pop, something I don’t really hear much of these days, so it was nice to get to experience a song that sounded like this again. I think sometimes, artists try to add too many elements to their songs. However, I feel like Neon Electric Clouds did a great job of avoiding this. I was able to understand the message, but also enjoy the beat and instrumentals at the same time.

Electric Neon Clouds was formed in 2018, and is made up of brothers Jeremy, Tommy, and Alex Cornellier. They are an ever-growing band, who in the last few years, has performed over 350 shows. Electric Neon Clouds has also released four EP’s, and many more singles. They describe themselves as being both eccentric and highly polished, which I think was easy to tell based on the style of this song. And with a style like music from the 80s, they are likely going to get a lot of attention from even more people who love music like this! I think it’s easy to tell this group is going to go far. I have nothing but high hopes for Electric Neon Clouds, and I can’t wait to hear what they release next.

Written By Isabel Mays



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