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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Impatient" - STARLIGHT ALICE

At times, our future can be nebulous. As we grow older, questions about our worth and desires may come into call. Naturally, we are all incessantly running towards an invisible finish line. We attempt to stride with purpose and precision as though we know exactly where we are headed down the itinerary of life. We have our expectations of what our future should look like, how long it should take for us to accomplish our goals, and to quickly discover a passion that resonates with our hearts. And yet, when we fall short, and when the distance to our finish line only seems to stretch further and further outward, we encounter harrowing sentiments of frustration and impatience.“Impaitent” by Starlight Alice is a song about a similar scenario, where we may feel stuck in a certain life scenario, and rather than wait and allow time to take its course, we are impatient. We try to climb our way out of the situation to finally find our purpose, only to fall, and face casualties that only exacerbate our issues. Though the song highlights the impatience we may feel throughout this position, the last few lyrics truly leave listeners with a hint of optimism, a reminder that “as long as I am breathing, it is not the end”.

The tempo of this song sounds almost upbeat, and the strings of the guitar played by Luke Potter give the song that hint of country, however, infused with pop as well. Jacob Browne’s voice only seems to add more emphasis to the already impactful lyrics, giving the words more meaning. Presenting the listeners with just how much these lyrics must mean to our singer, Jacob, touching the hearts of any listener who is also going through similar situations– where they may feel impatient for their future, continuously falling and pacing around for something to happen. To me, the lyrics are something I can find myself stewing on, and especially relating to. From a young age, I was always asked questions about my future, and what I wanted in life. Even now, I can’t even seem to answer that question. There were times in my life when I did feel impatient, as the song describes. I wanted to race my way to the finish line just to say I did it and feel like I had accomplished the true meaning of my life. However, just as this song has portrayed, I realized that being impatient would simply aggravate my feelings of stress. I can truly appreciate the expressive lyrics to this song, and I believe that many more people, especially of younger generations, can also connect to the sentiments that this song calls attention to. “Impatient” is a song that I believe people who are facing similar struggles should listen to. Not only will it reduce the vehement emotions of indecision, but it will remind us that we are not the only ones who encounter such harrowing questions in life.

Jacob Browne and Luke Potter are the two talented artists behind the band Starlight Alice. Their journey was initiated in the UK, forming their infectious blend of music and signature style as one. Both Jacob and Luke were artists of their own, working on solo projects together in the past and even coming together to write songs for other artists. After some time, they created their own music together as a band. They released their debut single “I Swear to God” receiving excellent feedback for their addicting sound that merges both country and pop. Their music and lyrics set them apart from the rest, being artists who bloom off authenticity and realism through their incredible lyrics and immaculate storytelling abilities through irresistible melodies, the added pop sound making their music all the more compelling for listeners who yearn for music that resonate. To keep up with Starlight Alice, follow their socials and watch them climb up the ladder of success!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez


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