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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Whisper" - yetep x Britt Lari

If we could all go back in time to experience the innocence and joy of being a kid again, I know we would all do it in a heartbeat. Do you remember laughing, and finding happiness and love in the smallest things? Oh, the memories. The pureness. It was an experience that we all would love to continue feeling again, but what if I told you that you could? Or what if I told you that Britt Lari has? In her latest collaboration with EDM DJ and producer yetep on “Whisper,” Britt sings about reconnecting with her inner child and enjoying love in the most innocent forms again. She finds love in someone that brings her back to childhood experiences and memories. The simplest things about this person, or even doing the smallest things with this person, brings her back to the love she would feel as a child about literally anything! Don’t we all remember thinking that making a fort was the coolest thing ever even though it was the most simple thing? All of the giggles and joy we felt in that moment is a feeling that Britt is experiencing again with her relationship. It’s a feeling we would all love to experience again, and I’m loving how Britt is reconnecting with her inner child to feel like this again!

Britt’s voice sounds delicate and soft. This, in combination with the beat and instrumentation added by yetep’s talent has me feeling as if I’m laying in the grass looking up at the stars. Or even looking out the window in the car, staring at the moon thinking that it's following me like we all did when we were kids. The nostalgia is definitely present and yetep perfectly showcases that feeling! As the song begins, she sings, “Like the sound of your touch. I can feel the vibrations, oh. Never asking for much. You’re everything.” Here, she’s emphasizing how the simple gesture of feeling her partner's touch feels powerful to her. It’s an innocence of love, and it reminds her of finding love in the smallest things when she was young. A hug from a parent, getting a fruit snack as a treat, etc. The smallest things when we were little were actually huge to us! A simple touch makes her feel an immense amount of love and vibration. As the song continues, Britt shares other childhood memories like building a fort in the dark, reading a book on the floor, and just seeing life in colors. Just simply being with her partner or sitting next to them brings her back to how she felt when she experienced these activities as a kid. She’s describing her relationship as one that’s immensely joyful and loving in its purest form. The connection that Britt has with her partner is so strong and incredibly loving that it causes her to see life as bright and full of colors, identical to how she saw life as a child.

yetep is an EDM DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. He began his musical journey 7 years ago when he attended EDM festivals with his friends. After falling in love with the music, energy and community, he decided to start making his own music. After discovering the impact that music has on others and how his supporters were growing, he started picturing himself playing on big stages showcasing his music to the world. He also was producing his own shows, taking chances on and believing in himself. The dream that he had has now become a reality! He’s accomplished this by performing for large stages and events like Adventure Club’s Superheroes Anonymous Livestream, the Minecraft Fire Festival, and more. yetep is also working with the non-profit organization, CommonUnity, that raises awareness on homeless youth and mental health. It’s always been a goal of his to bring people together, and he’s also on tour known as the “CommonUnity Tour” alongside other artists such as Avello, Dennett, If Found, Juuku, Klaxx, Nikademis, and Vincent. Britt Lari is an EDM singer, songwriter and producer also based in LA. Britt is multi-talented, having learned to play the piano, be an international elite gymnast, and maintain a prominent singing career. She has been featured on popular music radio stations like SiriusXM Chill and Kiss FM, as well as playlists like Spotify’s Mint and New Music Friday. These two both have impressive catalogs with multiple tracks having millions of streams, with yetep’s most streamed song being a collaboration with Vincent and Brooke Daye titled, “Same Page” that has over 10 million streams and Britt’s being “Payphone,” a collaboration with Level 8 that has 5 million streams. Keep up with these two by clicking on their social media links below, and listen to “Whisper” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem




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