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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"The Mirage" - Heather Bond

“I remember when you were my everything; funny how you just became a memory.” When you recall the people that you used to know, do you still feel a connection to them? Even years later? ‘The Mirage’ by Heather Bond discusses a long-lost relationship with this kind of endearment. She even second-guesses her decision to leave in the first place. That begs the question: do you love them? Or the memory of them? That very relatable conversation is what this song is all about.

Bond has this angelic songbird energy that makes you feel like you’re walking on air. You can feel the groovy bass and guitar strums as they add a jazzy beat to the song. As she contemplates her past with this person, she keeps asking herself “did I get it right?” Just when you think she’s figured out the answer, she sweeps you off your feet with more vivid lyricism! Ultimately, you become enveloped in her marvelous mirage as you start to question your own memories. It’s a cinematic masterpiece!

Nashville artist Heather Bond is a multi-talented songstress known for her radiant indie-pop music. As a highly praised singer-songwriter, she’s collaborated with numerous industry professionals. Her writing spans a kaleidoscope of ideas, from love and social media to nostalgia and politics. Her work has appeared in television shows like Jane the Virgin, Charmed and Sesame Street. Now, she’s teamed-up with renowned producer and bassist Viktor Krauss to create the Nashville top 100 hit ‘The Mirage’ and the rest of her full sophomore album ‘The Mess We Created’. Go check out Bond and her timeless sound!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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