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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "So This Is Love" - Lexi Cline

“So This is Love” is such a catchy song that really culminates dating in the modern age! What is the story behind this song?

Lexi: The song idea for “So This Is Love” came to me when I was talking to a friend who wanted to get back in the dating scene and I suggested she try a dating app. The problem is we both agreed dating apps can be super unimpressive, especially when comparing dating in the modern age to the Cinderella love story we have dreamt of since we were little. It seems the minute you match with someone on a dating app it's just a gamble whether you’ll even make it to date number 1. Then I dug even deeper and began to list off all the phases of what I think makes up dating in the modern age. First, you match on a dating app and you typically facetime to make sure they’re not a serial killer, second you go out somewhere casual for drinks cause no one wants to pay for dinner, third you get stood up, and fourth more often than not you get ghosted. I realize not all love stories that come from the dating app end up this way, but it seems it's always a series of plot twists.

I am a huge Disney fan, so I love that you included an excerpt from Cinderella! What inspired you to feature part of it and name your song after it?

Lexi: I wanted to write an introductory melody similar to Illene Woods “So This Is Love” to catch people’s attention right from the beginning of the song. However, I wanted the whole concept to have a twist. The idea was to create my own rendition of “So This Is Love” from Cinderella but make it a bash on modern day dating. Too many people struggle with finding someone on a dating app and I wanted to bring the story of dating in the 20th century to life.

What does your songwriting process look like? It’s crazy how you can write such a great song from your LA apartment!

Lexi: Truly my songwriting process continues to change. I find myself constantly growing and becoming a better writer from the people I get the chance to write with. This song was written by two of my favorite and extremely talented songwriters, Nadia Vaeh & Henry Ingraham. I came into the session with the idea of writing a rendition on Cinderella’s “So This Is Love” and they both loved the idea. We wrote this song in about an hour. From there, Henry Ingraham produced it and did an amazon job captivating such a unique, edgy, and 80’s synth vibe into the overall sound of the song.

Is there any artist you hope to see perform live one day? Maybe even collaborate with?

Lexi: YES! That would for sure hands down be Josie Dunne. She has been a huge role model to me since I moved to Nashville in 2019 and I continue to listen to her music all the time! I have gotten to see her perform live once in Nashville and her energy, stage presence, and humbleness has continued to have such an influence on me. If I ever got the chance to be Josie’s opener it would be a dream!!

What was it like playing your first headlining show in Colorado earlier this year? I’m sure it was AMAZING!

Lexi: Performing my first headlining show at Larimer Lounge back in January was an incredible experience and awesome turn out. It was the biggest show I have ever performed and it was super cool to see so many of my friends and family come out to see me! I have always felt so supported by my hometown Littleton, Co. and can’t wait to perform there again at an even bigger venue!

It was so sweet of you to send a cute letter and photo to your two fans who you were at your show in Denver! What do your fans mean to you and do you have anything you’d like to say to them?

Lexi: Oh my gosh I couldn’t do it without my little fans. They are the most inspirational part about getting to be an artist. They simply fill my heart and make everything I do as an artist worth it. I will always support and appreciate my fans because I want to write music that people can relate to.

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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