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  • Tessa Brainard

Interview: "The Moon" - Ellie Burke

"The Moon" is such a beautiful and heartfelt song. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics?

Ellie: During lockdown 2020 is when I wrote my song “The Moon”. At this point, I felt overwhelmed with the world, as I’m sure we all did. I was in writing mode during this time, and I thought to myself, imagine if we could find a place where we can get some peace and quiet when the world becomes too loud, or too overwhelming. I love space, so I wished I could go to the moon! The aim of the song is to allow people a space to relax or have a minute to themselves.

"The Moon" is your debut single. How does it feel to have people hear it for the first time?

Ellie: It feels amazing having people listen to my song! It’s what I’ve always wanted. I want to impact people through my music, I would love my music to be a place where people can go to when they feel overwhelmed, just like the meaning behind “The Moon”. I want others to relate to my music as well, therefore, having listeners feels amazing to me and I’m very grateful.

For you, what is the best part of creating music?

Ellie: The best part of creating music to me is how fun it is! I love expanding my creativity and working with other likeminded people, as well as expressing myself the best way I can. I’ve always loved singing and performing, so I am so happy I get to do it every day!

I loved the Sam Fender cover you posted on your YouTube channel! Who are your biggest inspirations for your sound?

Ellie: Sam Fender is a big inspiration of mine! I love how he writes about real life that the regular person can relate to. Another artist who writes relatable music is Sasha Sloan, she is also a big inspiration for my song writing as well as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Olivia Dean, Harry Styles and so many more that I could name.

I also saw that you used to be a busker. Do you have any favourite memories or funny stories from performing?

Ellie: Busking is a great way to gain confidence and experiment as a musician, it’s great practice for gigs! I love gigs when the audience sings along and really interacts. I think my favourite gig was when I was in a band years ago with my friends. We performed at a mini festival on Everton Hills called ‘The Spring-heeled Jack Festival’. I loved this as it was themed, so we got to dress up and play to a big crowd.

What is one milestone you're determined to hit in your career?

Ellie: I aim to be an established recording artist who releases albums and tours! It has always been a dream of mine so I will try my best to make it. I’m slowly finding myself as a musician but there is still a long way to go and I’m excited for the journey! One milestone I want to hit this year is to possibly play a festival or two and sing my music as much as I can.

Interviewed By Tessa Brainard



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