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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Acting Up" - Renon

Photo Credit: Studio Sans

The popularization of hookup culture has commonly had a negative effect on romantic relationships, social behavior and expectations in our modern society. Renon’s new single, “Acting Up” is an alt-pop track that perfectly communicates the frustration and anger that may arise in manipulative encounters with potential hookups. “Acting Up” is a catchy and confident anthem that showcases themes of empowerment, rejection, honesty, anger and self-respect. The song celebrates womanly power and the ability to act up when needed. Renon’s passionate lyrics such as, “Baby I can give myself a kiss, see you need me, I don’t need you, do I have to spell it through?”, express self-love and independence, and communicate the idea that you should never depend on a man for your happiness or satisfaction. Renon’s excellent vocal range, ethereal voice and expressive instrumentation make “Acting Up” the perfect anthem for self-confidence and feminine rage.

“Acting Up” contains stunning instrumentation. The blend of driving bass, edgy guitar riffs, pulsating synths and powerful vocals mix perfectly to create a fierce and empowering track. Renon’s expressive voice conveys both ferocity and vulnerability, which helps to successfully communicate the ever-changing emotions that rise to the surface when someone’s self-worth and dignity is shaken. Renon utilizes creative music production techniques to ensure the instrumentation aligns with the message communicated by the track’s lyrics. For instance, “Acting Up” is introduced with a simple guitar riff that sets the tone and introduces the theme of the song. The song then builds up with more instruments and layers, creating a fuller and richer sound that matches the intensity and emotion of the chorus. The bridge features a groovy electronica inspired instrumental break with hypnotizing vocalization. The instrumentation and vocals then accelerate again in the final chorus, creating a sense of resolution, feminine rage and empowerment.

London Based, Canadian singer-songwriter, Renon is a self-proclaimed “emo jazzy popstar” whose music touches on topics of love, heartbreak and mental health. Renon is a persona created by musician, Emma Grenon. Inventing an alter-ego allowed Emma to open up about her emotions and speak her mind through songwriting and style. Renon is a symbol of confidence, strength, honesty and of course, coolness. In 2021, Renon debuted her first single, “my love” which would later become the title track for her first EP and has accumulated over 8.2k streams on Spotify. Speaking of her debut EP, it features six tracks, most notably, “no one to think about”, “throw a party” and “haunted”. In 2022, Renon released “stay” a heart-wrenching track that features her powerful and mesmerizing vocals and ability to reach high-pitched, drawn-out notes. Later that year, Renon partnered with Vienna, a talented musician from Montreal, where she was featured on four tracks from his album, “In Due Time”, most notably, “Repotting” and “Bald” which alone has garnered over 46.4k streams on Spotify. Renon’s music can be discovered on various highly followed Spotify editorial playlists such as, “Jazzy Beats”, “Orbit” and “Lofi Beats & Jazz” which alone has over 109k likes. Renon’s stand-out voice, meaningful lyricism and edgy aesthetic solidify her as a rising alt-pop icon.

Written By Julia Hooper



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