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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Are You Gonna be a Man" - Rexford

Rexford’s new release “Are you gonna be a Man” from her EP “Clear My Heart” is a soulful piece that depicts the internalized battle of relationship turmoil. Rexford is bold in her assertion as she confronts the partner in question. There is a push and pull to the dynamic of “Are you gonna be a Man” depicting an inability to commit to change but also an inability to leave. Rexford sings “Are you mine in your mind or are you over it?” and “Would I settle just to get a little more of it?” depicting an almost intoxicating draw to something that’s not working for either party. Rexford seems to be egging on her partner to “step up to the plate” which I think most of us can relate to. You feel as if you’ve given your all and said all that can be said but nothing seems to change, but the familiarity of the situation keeps drawing you in like an addiction. Despite all of the broken bits in the relationship you just want this partner to step up and take accountability for the situation because you can’t give up just yet since “you can’t just love for the hell of it”.

“Are you gonna be a man” is slow, sensual, and somewhat somber. The introductory guitar strum and beat overlay with Rexford’s soulful vocal tone. The texture of the song feels like a building fire. There is tension and sensuality from the beat that conveys the mixing of complete opposites. Paired with the lyrics it’s like listening to oil and water attempt to merge. Rexford has a strong, raw, vocal range that is reminiscent of old soul and jazz paired with the mid to higher registers of pop music. “Are you gonna be a man” is a wave of intoxication and sobering all at once. There is a conflict within the songs lyrics that translates well through the beat and delivery of the lyrics.                 

Rexford, formerly known as Sarah Tromley, is a singer/songwriter and actress based out of Los Angeles, CA. The Pacific Northwest native began singing as a child, stating that many of her songs start as intimate journal sessions or poems. This level of vulnerability translates through her music and soulful voice. Rexford states that her new era is all about self-discovery, vulnerability, and love with the release of her new EP “Clear My Heart” and accompanying short film self-titled “REXFORD” which has garnered critical acclaim with awards like “Best Women Short” and “Best Original Song” at Indie Short Fest. Produced in collaboration with Jason Keller and George Lewis Jr (Twin Shadow) the EP features six songs alongside “Are you gonna be a Man,” like “Save You Back” and “One Horse Town” which offer a deep introspective look into her thoughts and emotional experiences. You can stream Rexford’s new EP on Spotify and Apple Music in the links provided below.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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