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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Believe" - Ivon Roberts

Believe is a commercial pop ballad centered around the tasteful duet of two dynamic vocalists, Ivon Roberts and Hannah Dorman, both of whom combine their oratory abilities to craft an artfully expressive message of optimism. Produced by well-known Baltimore talent Sam Ray, aka Ricky Eat Acid, this single is a refined representation of how a pop song is supposed to be heard. Believe is a hope-filled anthem for anyone out there who needs a healthy dose of auditory inspiration in their life. It’s easy to just Believe when booming vocals are belting out lines like “But I’ll still believe, So just hold onto that fire, We started inside us”, as the overwhelmingly optimistic aesthetic of this song should have fans ready to overcome any obstacle in their life. Roberts and Dorman’s voices play well off each other, working together to romantically entrance their listeners into daydreams of finding true bliss – so long as they “still believe, in this dream”.

On a technical level, Believe is a masterclass in musical production and equally parallels Ivon Roberts and Hannah Dorman’s impressive vocal talents. The combination of a big snare and stacked vocals during the chorus allow the section to open up and sound HUGE, and the addition of a pulsating bass creates a sweet rhythm that really helps amplify the feel of the drums. In terms of vocal production, the verses have a rimshot and mellow vibe to them which leaves adequate space for the lyrics to really shine on their own. The soothing pad in the intro continues to cycle throughout the song and serve as the “bow on top” that nicely ties the entire piece together sonically. There is also the pleasant addition of an electric guitar, introduced in the beginning, which has a super cool delay effect on it that adds a charming ambiance to the entire track. The last climax of the song is a key change that gives vibes of an instant Disney classic, an iconic sound that is sure to capture the ears of pop fans everywhere. Roberts and his collaborators certainly deserve recognition for crafting a beautifully tailored piece of art.

Ivon Roberts is a multi-talented artist from the small town of Rosscarberry, Ireland, widely known for his abilities as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Having grown up with few friends other than his dogs, Roberts turned to music at a young age as a means of expressing all of his feelings on life. Ivon began writing music at nine years old and later progressed to recording songs as a fifteen-year-old, eventually going on to write his first song in 2019 – an experience he has since defined as “the best form of therapy I’ve ever had” and “a normal part of my routine”. Ivon began producing in 2017, using music as an outlet of self-expression in order to come off “quite straightforward and uncomfortably honest” in his songs; later going on to produce for artist friends like GER in 2020. His song Solo found critical acclaim on iTunes, hitting #2 on both the pop charts and overall charts in Ireland for several days – as well as surpassing 20,000 streams online within its first week of release. Roberts cites Ava Max, Dua Lipa and Carly Rae Jepsen as his main sources of musical influence, with The Corrs, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift and Aly & AJ being his “tried and true” favorites in terms of lyrical expression and artistic inspiration. Ivon taught himself to sing as a youth, eventually going on to study Singing & Musical Theory for four years in college – further solidifying himself as a musical purist. He has since dipped his toe in every genre from “Commercial Pop, to Country, to Classic, to Celtic” lending credence to his proclamation that “writing music feels like second nature at this point”, or as he more poetically shares its familiarity “its like skincare or reading”.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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