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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Big Girl Words” - Honey Ironic

I’m a sucker for songs that fill me with confidence, and Honey Ironic has just added a new favorite to my list. “Big Girl Words,” her latest single, is like an anthem for growing up and gaining self-confidence. As someone who struggled with standing up for myself in High School, I needed a song like this. I think everyone does, in a way. I truly connected with the lyrics in a few moments in this song. “I have learned a couple things now since my ABC’s” is such a fun, yet well-written lyric. I think Honey Ironic really killed it in the songwriting department.

I love the energy this song gives off. It reminds me of a song in a musical, mainly because of the lyrics being broken up by moments of dialogue. I think honestly, that’s what made me more interested in this song. It’s different, it’s unique… I love it! Honey Ironic has a voice very similar to Barrett Wilbert-Weed, especially when she uses her chest voice. I think it would sound cool if she tried singing with a lower register sometimes! Nonetheless, her voice is flawless, and I think pairs perfectly with this style of song.

Honey Ironic is a 19-year-old singer and songwriter who has been releasing music since 2021. Still fairly new to the industry, Honey Ironic has a couple of well-known hits. These include “Dating the Villain” and “Falling for a Wall.” Honey Ironic has a bit of a following online too, as she posts regular fun and entertaining videos on her TikTok to her nearly 500,000 followers. There, she promoted “Big Girl Words,” and her fans responded very positively, voicing their excitement and support. This is an artist who loves her fans, and does a great job of making fun songs with a powerful meaning. Go stream “Big Girl Words!”

Written By Isabel Mays



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