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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Caught In A Feeling" - Adam Faybrem

Caught in a Feeling is a synth pop fever dream that should resonate with all listeners who’ve dealt with forlorn love in the past. Adam Faybrem’s lyrics paint the picture of a lover faced with unrequited affection from his partner, and his subsequent indecision regarding their relationship. Faybrem opens with heartbreak, singing “You gave it up before you started, I know you’re broken hearted” setting the tone for romantic strife throughout the rest of the song. He melodically pleads “I’m missing you, I cannot get you off my mind” creating the visual of a lovestruck central character who is infatuated, to the point of obsession, with his romantic counterpart. Unfortunately, his feelings aren’t fully reciprocated and Faybrem is left “Caught in a Feeling” wanting more from his crush.

The song itself is dream pop in nature, heavily layered with synths to create a trancelike vibe that adds to its intoxicating aesthetic. Faybrem’s smooth backing vocals are filtered to sound as if they’re being delivered through a telephone, adding an original flavor to the melancholy lyrics being delivered, and further enhancing the dreamy feel of the song. The enchantment of Caught in a Feeling stems from the synth that hits just before the pre chorus; a catchy and haunting beat that furthers the gloomy passion being delivered by the song’s protagonist. There is an overwhelming sentiment that the timing is simply never right for the two star-crossed lovers, leaving them both doomed for relationship purgatory. The song then builds through the repetitive hook of “I’m caught in my feelings, I can’t believe it, my heart deceived me” and crescendos with an electric guitar riff that embodies the chaos and electricity of the two unrepentant lovers’ relationship. Simply put, Faybrem does well to encapsulate the hardships of young love in an alternative pop landscape.

Adam Faybrem is a multifaceted talent hailing from Melbourne, Australia, known for his abilities as a singer-songwriter, actor, and producer. In 2013, he broke on to the scene when he produced a Top 10 hit on the UK commercial pop charts. More recently, Faybrem has been heavily featured on Australia’s foremost radio station, Fox FM Night Radio. With hits like Everytime and Now We’re Talking amassing impressive streaming numbers, Faybrem has shown a proclivity for capturing the ears of international pop fans all over the globe. The fact that a catchy song like Caught in a Feeling headlines his upcoming EP only bodes well for this star’s future success on the pop circuit. Make sure to keep an eye out for the release of his new single Hermosa Lady, dropping November 3rd!

Written By Dan Caddigan


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