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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Cavities" - Arrlo

Making waves in the pop-rock world, Arrlo has released their spicy new single, "Cavities." The track is one of 4 upcoming singles from the band, giving listeners a sweet taste of what's to come. Drawing from personal experience, "Cavities" narrates a story of star-crossed lovers, exploring the feelings of a relationship that was never meant to be. Elaborating on the song's conception, the band states, "This song is a personal star-crossed lovers experience I went through last year. It was a very tense time, as everything about our feelings were unspoken, but there was this gigantic magnetic pull. Our circumstances were not aligned at the time, for a few reasons, and I quietly wrote this about the joy I felt about her, but the pain of knowing I could never truly explore it. It is also called 'Cavities,' because she is a burlesque performer, and asked if I had seen the act she was about to perform. I hadn't, and she said 'It's so sweet, it'll give you cavities.' And thus, 'Cavities' was born. We also debuted it live at our Life is Beautiful performance, and she watched the live stream. It was a pretty bittersweet memory."

Making it a perfect track for the summer, "Cavities" is full of upbeat, unforgettable melodies to listen to on repeat. Sunni Suede's crisp, longing vocals carry us through the song's captivating tale, conveying bittersweet nostalgia. The backing vocals compliment Suede's mellifluous voice, producing warm, rich harmonies. Creating an energetic pop-rock soundscape, "Cavities" features driving drums and vibrant guitar riffs. The sound present in "Cavities" is similar to acts like White Reaper, Pale Waves, The Wldlfe, and Honey Revenge, making it a great addition to any pop-rock/indie-rock playlist.

Fresh LA-based band, Arrlo, is set to take the pop-rock world by storm. The group consists of members Sunni Suede, Alexander Vera, and Anthony Braun. Suede serves as the project's frontman and singer/songwriter, breathing new life into themes like love, loss, and heartache through the lens of a pragmatic yet passionate transman. Vera and Braun serve as the band's bassist/guitarist and drummer respectively, each contributing live instrumentals over pop backing tracks. Through the creation of their unique sound, Arrlo has gained a loyal fanbase, opening up performance opportunities for the band like the Life is Beautiful 2022 festival.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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