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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Claustrophobia" - Cupid Girl

Claustrophobia is defined as the extreme and irrational fear of confined spaces. In the real world, places like elevators and tunnels can make someone with claustrophobia feels uncomfortable. The easiest way thing to do is avoid these spaces when possible. But what happens when your mind makes you feel claustrophobic? Everything is closing in, and it can feel as though you’re drowning in your own thoughts. In her new song ‘Claustrophobia’, Cupid Girl is struggling to keep herself afloat mentally. The walls are caving in, and her head is getting pulled under. She’s claustrophobic, she’s drowning, and she’s not sure how much longer she can keep going.

There is something about Cupid Girl’s vocals that evoke the listeners emotions when listening to ‘Claustrophobia’. Her lyrics are honest about her struggles, and her vocals reflect her honesty. The listener can tell Cupid Girl is speaking from somewhere deep inside of herself. Her emotion is so powerful it cannot be fabricated. Pairing the emotional lyrics with an instrumentation that reflects these emotions really draws a listener in. There are several portions of the song where Cupid Girl lets the instruments take over, creating these emotional moments without having to say anything. This song is a perfect example of letting the music do the talking. Even when Cupid Girl isn’t singing, the music does an exemplary job at showcasing her complex emotions. ‘Claustrophobia’ is heartbreakingly beautiful and a true testament to Cupid Girl’s skill.

Norwegian artist Cupid Girl is relatively new to the music scene. Releasing her first single in 2021, the young artist has recently released her first EP. The five song EP, titled ‘Stages of Healing’, was released in mid-2022 and includes ‘Claustrophobia’ as the fourth track. Based off of what she’s already released, Cupid Girl is an artist to keep an eye out for! Listen to ‘Claustrophobia’ and the rest of ‘Stages of Healing’ on Spotify.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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