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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Disease" - Gabby Donnelly (Ft. Kingsley Priester)

There are always two sides to every story and sometimes those sides are more similar than you'd imagine. Disease is a track that exhibits this concept perfectly. The song is a heartbreaking ballad about a breakup and two people coming to terms with it in the aftermath. Gabby Donnelly and Kingsley Priester play two sides of the same coin in this tune. Both come to each other with a better understanding of their roles in the failed relationship. They both were wrong in many ways and these wrongs lead to the ultimate demise of their love. Disease goes to show you; letting go of someone who you love is never easy but sometimes it’s necessary.

Disease is a poignant track with its simple yet masterful instrumental; it creates a cinematic atmosphere. This song paints the image of two lovers losing each other so vividly in its lyrics. The vocals are no different, Donnelly and Priester have breathtaking performances on the track. Their voices mesh so perfectly and blend with the instrumental in a seamless way. Disease lends itself to a tragic story with its raw and brutally honest lyrics. These lyrical elements paint the picture of two parts of a failed relationship. Two individuals who, post-self-reflection, come together to find closure in their final statements to each other. A heart-wrenching feat as Donnelly and Priester build their way up to the conclusion the instrumental follows suit. Beginning with gentle twinkles and building into powerful chords as the vocals of both singers increase steadily. It’s haunting yet inspirational. Everything is arranged so beautifully and perfectly it’s hard to deny the talent both singers hold.

Gabby Donnelly is an emerging singer/songwriter based in South Carolina. Her specialty is writing songs for those going through heartache. She says she’s most comfortable writing songs that speak to people in this way. Though not everyone will relate to the content of these lyrics, everyone will enjoy some aspect of Donnelly’s work. Her voice is magnificent, providing a hauntingly beautiful tone to her work. She hasn’t put out much, in fact, Disease is only her second release, but her talent is evident. As she releases more music her fan base will surely grow. She has talent beyond many and it shows in this track.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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