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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Framework" - Dominic Romano and Tall Acre

Framework by Dominic Romano and Tall Acre

Dominic Romano and Tall Acre bring us a heartfelt collaboration that compares the joys of building a life with building a home in their new single "Framework". I love this track because it beautifully captures the excitement of traveling through life with someone you love. It feels nostalgic, slowing us down to remember the little things to be grateful for. We only have so many years in our lives, so building meaningful relationships and memories is the most important legacy we can forge. "Framework" sheds some light on the mundane as well as the more prominent changes that take place as we each write our own story.

The production of "Framework" feels just as thoughtful and handcrafted as the home the lyrics describe. We begin with gentle acoustic guitar and soft vocals, building the foundation for the story to evolve. Over time, with the addition of soft drums, vocal harmonies, and layers of strings acoustic and electric alike, the track comes to a passionate ending. It feels reminiscent of One Direction's "Story of My Life" or Five for Fighting's "100 Years". This is a track that brings our mortality to the forefront, but not in a bad way. It encourages us to love those around us, be present in the moment, and see the good in the smallest of details.

Dominic Romano is a Northern California-based producer, engineer, songwriter, and musician who specializes in thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies. He blends acoustic sound with pop production for unique and thought-provoking music that immerses his listeners in the narrative of his work. Romano debuted as an artist in 2015 with his album, "At Least I Said It". Since then, he has released numerous other works including an EP, another full-length album, and several singles. "Framework" is a project alongside artist, Tall Acre, who debuted on streaming services with this song, and what a great place to start. "Framework" is a brilliant, beautiful story and I definitely recommend checking it out!

Written By Shelbi Baker


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