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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Girl Code" - Edie Yvonne

“Girl Code” is a coming-of-age anthem that beats to the sound of unspoken alliances. As Yvonne herself has only stepped into high school, she delves into the cliques and complexities of friendships and betrayals. Girl code is known as the bonds of trust and camaraderie among women, unspoken but expected to follow. But oftentimes, girl code is broken by those who don’t value you as you do them, and Yvonne expertly navigates this fragile stage of teenagedom and the evolving relationships between friends, partners, and family.

Yvonne’s stunning portrayal of fractured friendships dives into subject territories that many wouldn’t dare touch upon, and her daring exploits in penning the intricate tapestry of human emotions are one to be celebrated for. With maturity beyond her years, Yvonne tackles petty and hurtful disputes with unwavering resilience, taking the high road. With a playful and bright landscape for Yvonne to belt her heart out, the music adds layers to her storytelling, captivating and complementing the stark narrative Yvonne spins.

Recently celebrating her 15th birthday with the release of “Girl Code”, Edie Yvonne has had some fruitful years as a pop star despite her youth. Starting to release music at the age of 13, this singer-songwriter based in LA touches upon topics of miscommunication, intolerance to differences, and the struggles of reconciliation and conflict resolution. Yvonne has also had a career as an actress, starting in Kitty (2016) which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Never one to rest, Yvonne is determined to dabble and placate her creativity, releasing single “Queen Bee” only two months earlier. One to watch, it’s exciting to see the new ventures Yvonne will travel to next!

Written By Megan Cao


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