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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Headcounts" - Aimee Pendlebury

Even in moments of deep exhaustion late at night, our fears can keep us up late into the night, haunting our minds. The latest song to be released by artist Aimee Pendlebury, “Headcounts,” explores the mental disturbances that happen in the nighttime and it’s a track that accomplishes this in such an eloquent form. “Headcounts” emerges straight from the night with its haunting harmonies contrasted with the gentle guitars. The anxiety-ridden insomnia is one many of us can relate to so songs like “Headcounts” are true to the human experience and that common ground helps us find peace within ourselves.

What’s so enjoyable about the introduction to the song is it feels like the beginning of a story in the sense that the sounds feel like the world-building in a novel. The guitars come in suddenly and they are what shape the melancholic nature of this setting. As previously mentioned, the harmonies in this song work so well and create a lullaby-type ambiance that fits in with the theme. “I’m counting sheep, lamb to the slaughter,” stands out because it shows just how difficult it is to fall asleep even when it’s one of our most basic needs. Pendlebury’s voice helps sell that haunting nature as it is both sweet and so emotional that you can feel the frustration, she feels. “Headcounts” by Aimee Pendlebury is a tragic tale so many of us share and she has done such an excellent job putting it into song.

Aimee Pendlebury is an artist from Manchester, UK. “Headcounts” is her second release, following her debut single “La Di Da” which was released in 2024. As far as live performances go, she has been performing at different bars and venues around Manchester and has even gotten the chance to open for the band The Facades. She has also had her music played on BBC’s Introducing Merseyside and Amazing Radio. Pendlebury’s style is influenced by many indie rock and indie pop artists, and she uses these influences to inspire her songwriting and explore what sound she wants to pursue. With “Headcounts” Aimee Pendlebury has proven how great of an artist she is, and it will be interesting to see what else she makes in the future.

Written By Chantal Charles


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