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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Heart Attack" - Salt Ashes

Have you ever wanted someone so bad it could have physically hurt you? Salt Ashes describes this feeling and more in her new single, "Heart Attack". Returning with her first new single of the year, the pop artist is back again with a dark electric pop song filled with her signature synths and dance rhythms. Her new release has already been streamed thousands of times since its release only a few weeks ago and is set up for success to follow her 2022 single, “Didn’t See It Coming”. Salt Ashes is once again using her powerful vocals with edgy lyrics to back up an infectious pop melody that is nearly impossible to stand still while listening. In “Heart Attack”, Salt Ashes is letting others know exactly what she wants. She captures these intense feelings along the lines of desire and passion for another person as she shares how close she is to having a heart attack over it.

Salt Ashes has already made quite an impression in the dance-pop music scene in the last 5 years. From reaching the Top 40 in the iTunes charts and seeing support from Elton John on her earlier singles, Salt Ashes is keeping the momentum up with an electrifying new dark pop song, one sure to get you up and moving. Her single, "Heart Attack" is all about the need for someone, and how this person makes her feel. Using her signature sound that her listeners have come to recognize, she adds captivating lyrics like, “You got my butterflies crazy, scratching at the walls” and “ It’s been digging deeper, through my veins a poison crawls” to further prove her point and keep your heart beating. Throughout the track we learn that once she's got her eyes and mind set on someone, that's it. The artist also recently released a music video for her new single to leave you wanting more. Overall, Salt Ashes' music is being recognized all around the globe for her unique sound and she is set up to represent some of the best in dance music.

Veiga Sanchez also known as Salt Ashes, is a London based artist. She’s known for her

signature sound of dark synth pop and electronic dance blends. Salt Ashes has lots of experience performing live as she has toured with many artists over the years like the Swedish singer Tove Styrke, sister duo Say Lou Lou, and recently with electronic music duo Goldfrapp on their UK tour. She has reached over 6,900 average monthly listeners on Spotify along with nearly 1 million streams collectively. The up and coming artist first made an appearance on Spotify in 2014 with her debut single, “Somebody”. The success of this single would lead to her first EP two years later in 2016 along with the release of her debut self titled album in the same year. Since then, the artist has released over 10 more singles (including her newest single “Heart Attack”), two more EPs, and a second full length album. Salt Ashes music is constantly being covered on playlists across Spotify spanning from Pop Hits 2023, Dancefloor Hits, and poolside fm for thousands of followers.

Written By Jenna Barton



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