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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "How To Live" - Brainheart

How To Live is an ultra-inspirational pop ballad that emboldens listeners to chase their dreams and fulfill their life's passions. Brainheart combines his enigmatic sound and effectual lyricism to cook up the perfect motivational anthem for when you're down and need to get yourself back up. The lyrics begin by painting a bleak picture for the song's protagonist, who desperately wants a better life for himself, away from his hometown – a truly gloomy sentiment felt within the lines "When all my stars are fading out, Try to drown it out, Till my feet can leave this town". But as the song builds, your chest begins to swell with motivation as Brainheart sings of not giving up and continuing to pick himself up by his bootstraps so that he can try again – "Just like you gotta move ohhhh, When you fall back down". The inclusion of "stacking stones" as a metaphor for discipline and patience within oneself showcases a level of lyrical depth not typically found within the genre, for which Brainheart deserves immense praise.

For starters, Brainheart needs to be commended for the level of diversity and originality on display production-wise in How To Live. The drums, for one, are a cornucopia of varying styles that provide the listener with an assortment of percussion. There can be heard indie pop drums in the first verse, cinematic movie trailer-like drums on the pre chorus, and Main Stage EDM drums on the hooks but with some tasty 80s drum fills also sprinkled in. At the 1:20 mark listeners will notice a soundbite of a car starting just as Brainheart sings about "going away", a tasteful example an auditory addition enhancing the visual imagery within the minds of listeners. There are droning backing guitars on the prechorus and bridge that keep the tension of the song going throughout each section nicely. The vocals are neatly stacked and later panned all around by the end of the song, adding a unique twist for his audience as they listen along. Shoutout to the producer/engineer on How To Live for their use of Sidechain compression on the chorus, which gives it a distinct pumping locomotive feel. There is also a cool push-pull effect going on, which can be attributed to its classic dance four-on-the-floor beat and everything ducking in volume to the big kick drum. The track really finishes strong with a poignant violin stab on the last section to emphasize its finality.

Brainheart, real name Roei Zoar, is an indie producer, songwriter and DJ who broke on to the international pop scene with his 2019 smash hit Explore the World, which garnered millions of streams on Spotify while simultaneously hitting the seven-figure mark for reels on Instagram. Roei was first introduced to classical music by his mother when he was four, later inspiring him to take up playing the piano at fifteen – something he cites as being a major turning point in his musical development. After watching the Tomorrowland Festival for the first time, Zoar instantly fell in love with EDM and has since dedicated his life to making impactful music in that same vein. When he is not in the studio, Brainheart enjoys training, travelling, and finding peace of mind out in nature.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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