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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "I Wanna Win" - Lola Balter

Lola Balter’s, “I Wanna Win”, is a pop song that reflects on a break-up. This relationship ended because the other person claimed that she wasn’t good or important enough for them. In return, this led to Lola self-sabotaging and feeling at fault for the fallout. This song is titled, “I Wanna Win, because she wants a happy relationship where the two are enjoying what they’re experiencing with one another. Because Lola feels like she's not good enough for the person she's singing about, she begins to believe that she has to change herself in order to finally know what it feels like to “win.” For the singer, to “win” is to know what it’s like feeling valued by your other half, and knowing that you being with your person is making them happy.

Throughout the entire song, Lola sings slowly and with a soft voice. This is done to indicate the mood of the song. She feels hurt and disappointed in herself with how the relationship ended, so she uses a slower and calmer beat in order for the listeners to hear and connect more with the lyrics. When connecting more, we can feel every emotion that she wants to let out. Everytime Lola sings the name of the song, she puts an emphasis on the “I”, which is her pointing the finger to herself. It’s her way of showing that she feels as if she’s the one in the wrong and wants to eventually learn what it's like to win and be happy in a relationship. Although the singer was told that she wasn’t good enough, it doesn’t mean that it was true. This issue isn’t uncommon in relationships. You could be the biggest supporter to your other half and do your best to provide, but the other person just might not see the importance and value in your efforts. It’s not your fault that they missed out. You were enough and always will be enough.

Lola Balter is a 16 year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from British Columbia, Canada. According to her Spotify page, she has 28,138 monthly listeners, and her most popular song is “Knock on Wood” with over 70,000 plays. She has Tiktok and Instagram accounts where she posts funny videos about her struggles with the song-writing process. Along with this, she also posts videos of her singing song covers and posting snippets of her upcoming music.

Written By Sneet Efrem



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