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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Little White Pills" - Cloe Wilder

This song, “Little White Pills” by Cloe Wilder, is a soft pop song all about struggling with depression and never knowing when or if you’re going to feel better. Written by Wilder about her own difficult relationship with antidepressants, this song shows both the hopelessness and the hopefulness that comes with the battle of fighting depression. You can see this in lyrics such as “I was spilling my guts on the floor of your apartment” and “I think I’ve finally found the light again”, emphasizing the emotional ups and downs that everyone faces. Overall, this song is very relatable, because no matter what state you’re in now or how content you are with your life, everyone has at one point in time felt hopeless. Part of the beauty of life is that nothing is certain, and to really experience joy, you have to know what it means to feel empty too.

“Little White Pills” is an understated bedroom pop song that really emphasizes Cloe Wilder’s vocals and lyricism. The song starts immediately with an introduction rendition of the chorus, Wilder’s soft voice accompanied by mellow instrumentals. The first verse takes up after this, with the addition of an undercurrent beat, framing the song but not overpowering the melody. The next chorus keeps up that little bit of added intensity, before fading out a little bit again in the second verse. By the end of the song, the last repeat of the chorus picks up the pace for that last beat of tension before coming to a stop. Overall, Cloe Wilder’s voice shines in this song, with the harmonization and the softness proving that an understated melody can be just as impactful as high notes and volume.

Cloe Wilder is a young, indie-pop singer songwriter who’s ready to make a name for herself in the world of pop music. Her strengths lie in her lyricism and her ability to tell a very relatable story with a catchy melody, making it clear why she’s been compared to a Floridian young Taylor Swift. Cloe Wilder also credits other artists like Lana Del Rey and Bon Iver as inspirations, which you can hear in the poignancy and the lyricism of some of her songs like “House by the Water.” Her first single, “Crying When I Shouldn’t”, was written and released when she was a teenager in 2020, and she’s released several more songs since then, including her album Teenage Lullabies in 2021. “Little White Pills” is her latest release, and you can use the links below to check out more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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