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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Love Me Now" - Mentum

Have you ever heard the saying, "right person, wrong time"? Where you know someone could really be the one, but you're not in the right place in your life yet to make it work? "Love Me Now" by Mentum is an extremely catchy, Summer pop jam about growing up and making positive changes in your life to get back the relationship you once lost due to immaturity. The lyrics are hopeful as they ask, "Would you love me now? Would you feel at home? Would you give me a chance to prove you wrong?". We do stupid things when we're young and don't think about the consequences that could come from our actions; but sometimes all it takes is losing the right thing to finally make us want to change and become the person we need to be to get our lives in order.

"Love Me Now" is going to be the song of the Summer. It has dance-pop production, an 80's retro synth-pop groove and smooth punk-pop vocals that create a perfect up-beat mixture of sounds to get you up and moving. It's giving off a vibe that is like if Post Malone and The Weeknd made a collaboration song. I can imagine it playing while I'm chillin' on the beach, driving with my windows down, or at a big concert festival. The beat is strong enough to make you want to dance, but at the same time, the dreamy synths surround your ears and put you into a cathartic state. It's the perfect combination if you're looking for a sense of euphoria.

Mentum is a contemporary, electro/dance pop Norwegian duo based in Oslo, Norway, consisting of artists Finn Eriksrud and Tim Terkelsen. With 500,000 Spotify monthly listerns, Mentum has been taking the pop world by storm. They've recently partnered with Ultra Music Publishing and R3HAB's Astra Music Publishing, and they have an upcoming record deal with Patrick Moxey's Helix Records. They spent their start of 2023 at a songwriting camp based in Los Angeles and Ibiza. Their previous single and first single of 2023, "Better Days" which was a collaboration with DJ Max Lean, was on the top 100 radio charts in Germany. Finn and Tim consider themselves one of the the top independent acts in Norway, and I think everyone else would agree.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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