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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "manipuLIES" - Ally Hills

Ally Hills’s latest single is an ingenious track with a unique background and an infectious melody that grabs a hold of the listener and propels them into a captivating journey. “manipuLIES” was born from lyrics written by Hills’s current girlfriend when she was only 10-years-old and had not yet experienced romantic heartache. The song was initially a joke between the couple, but their clever songwriting transformed it into the outstanding track it is now. Throughout the song, the lyrics call out a toxic person for their manipulation and lies—their “manipulies.” Hills immediately kicks off the song with these exposing lyrics when she sings, “You called me beautiful// You can’t play me// You called me wonderful// You can’t persuade me// It’s weird you didn’t realize// I’m friends with the girls you manipulize.” These lines instantly introduce the listener to the cheeky lyrics paired with the memorable rhythm. The uniquely written track was never intended to see the light of day, but Hills has blessed her listeners with “manipuLIES”, creating a song that is destined to be replayed on a constant loop.

“manipuLIES” is a brilliant track that compels the listener with its witty lyrics and catchy melody. The production mesmerizes the audience from the first listen, making them want to listen to the song on repeat. The track kicks off with a compilation of synth sound effects that slowly transition into the verse, where Hills angelic vocals take over. The fast-paced beat pumps the listener up and takes control of their senses. The production is reminiscent of 80s pop with a blend of the modern alternative sound. The sounds tie together to produce a highly infectious track that engulfs listeners and keeps them company on late-night drives through the city. “manipuLIES” is the perfect alternative-pop song, showcasing Hills unmistakable talent.

Ally Hills is a pop singer-songwriter, as well as a comedian, LGBTQ+ influencer, and content creator. In 2012, she launched her YouTube channel which has over 990K subscribers. Her content is a mix of comedy, music, and her personal experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. In 2016, she released her first official single, “Space”. Since then, she has released a handful of singles, including several collaborations. “manipuLIES” is her first release since her EP, Love and Other Figments of My Imagination, which was released early 2022. Hills frequently plays shows in LA and NYC and earned the 2016 Short Award Nomination for Best YouTube Musician.

Written By Karlee Smith


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