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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Matches" - Abandon the Fall

Abandon the Fall's newest single, "Matches," featuring the band Dreamhouse, is a fiery alt-rock banger about heartbreak and passion. The concept of the track is poetically relatable: our hearts are matchboxes, and the pains we live through are the matches that ignite it. Abandon the Fall pitched this idea to Dreamhouse, and the track came to fruition and became what it is today. The two acts have a strong musical chemistry. Abandon the Fall's ear for production complements Dreamhouse's heavy rock aesthetic perfectly. The intricate instrumental features blasting guitar riffs and pounding drums, while Brianna Moffat's vocals are powerful and assertive. What results is a song that sonically encapsulates its lyrical themes of vulnerability and struggle. "Matches" is a headbanger that also emotionally resonates; it is a track to blast in the car or scream out to when you need it.

In an interview with Illustrate Magazine, Abandon the Fall's creator, Juan Espinoza says that his musical project is "a sound representation of the human experience that is consistently honest, vulnerable at times, and balanced between strength and weakness." This goal comes through evidently in "Matches." The single is an authentic representation of intense emotional turmoil. Lyrical moments like "All my frustration has overtaken every thought and how I feel like a match" are poignant, poetic takes on heartbreak and rage. "Matches" is a smartly constructed track. Every element works harmoniously to create a passionate and dynamic piece of music. The metaphor of the match is a clever take on fury that corresponds with its fierce backing tune. The song is also a gradual build, with the verses starting quieter, only for the chorus to belt out vocally and sonically. "Matches" is a cathartic listen that stands out as an outstanding new rock ballad.

Houston, Texas native Juan Espinoza started releasing music under the project Abandon the Fall in 2021. Their first release, the four-track EP "Infinite Seasons," was an entirely solo project that featured songs like "Forever" and "October Sky." However, soon after, the musical act began working with collaborators like Dayshell and Dreamhouse on tracks like "Exhale," "Devours You," and, of course, "Matches." All these tracks currently have a combined number of over 175,000 streams on Spotify. Espinoza says that punk bands like Linkin Park greatly influenced him when creating the project, which comes through clearly, as Abandon the Fall focuses on rock-heavy sounds and authentic lyrics. With only about a dozen songs under its belt, the musical act has already established itself as a talented and exciting new project to look forward to. Abandon the Fall and "Matches" are available to listen to now on streaming platforms.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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