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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "On Your Mind" - Edie Yvonne

“On Your Mind” has a simple message, a nod to the simpleness of the request and its imminent importance in her own mind. “What is on your mind?” she asks, nothing else crossing hers. She reflects the love and near obsession that causes one to wish they could only crawl inside their partner's head, understand their feelings and perhaps mitigate their own in accordance with them. When someone has such a pressing question within them, it merely encourages the idea that those around them must as well, making the need to understand them more necessary. It’s a cycle of obsession leading to presuming obsession, and her own lyrics always leading back to this thought represent it brilliantly. “On Your Mind” offers an outlet for communication in the severe absence of it.

The music at the start of the song has a tinge of country to it, mostly acoustic yet upbeat. She has a rhythmic beat to her lyrics as well, interrupting herself often and singing quickly, but in a way which offers a glimpse into how these thought processes actually function. The song continues like this for a moment in the beginning, until she gives her keyword “mind” its own break, she repeats it over a beautiful echoing guitar and here, her vocal talent truly shows. Her voice is feminine and jazzy, Lizzy Grant-esque. As the song continues, it becomes less and less based in reality, veering into slightly experimental as that echoing guitar makes a return. And the piece ends with one last independent “mind”.

Edie Yvonne is a very young artist, still in high school, and has already begun making huge strides in her career as a musician. A career that started three years ago in 2020 amidst the pandemic, which offered her a chance to truly be alone with her creativity. She, understandably, was fairly unknown in the music industry at this time but began by immediately releasing an album “At Ease”. With experience in acting as well, appearing in “Lola Girl Got a Gun”, “Stage Dad”, and Chloe Sevingy’s “Kitty” she’s been labeled a prodigy. She currently holds over twenty thousand listeners on Spotify and over sixty thousand streams on her most popular song at the moment, “In the Rain”. “In the Rain” is a piece released very recently at the end of June but it is already skyrocketing past her other works. “On Your Mind” is set to follow a similar path in her ever increasing popularity, stream it and follow Edie Yvonne below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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