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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Only One" - Georgia Hoareau

“Only One” is a warm acoustic ballad touching on the longing for someone to connect with and wondering whether this person will ever be found. The piece's overall atmosphere is touching and sincere, reminding you of the companionship of a hug to their comfort and knowledge that someone will be there to listen to you. With a beautiful and relatable narrative of heartbreak, Houreau paints a picture of her journey with love, from the fear of letting go of someone you still hold close to your heart, but also nodding to the unhappiness that she has by not letting go.

“Only One” leans into beautiful acoustic guitar strings that prime the viewer for a touching and emotional track. With a soft bedding of sound, glistening vocals lay the framework for a bright yet melancholic melody that sandwiches itself around vulnerability. Though wistful, Hoareau‘s voice carries a haunting tone that aspires for more, a fragment of emotion that lingers despite attempts to move forward. The striking piano keys and steady beats show the steady release of how skeletons are left in the closet, a facade that is only let down in the company of those we trust. Being human is tough, and Hoareau lays out the reality of the situations in a poetic way that acknowledges her own insecurities but also finds the hope to move on from the situation.

Australian singer-songwriter Georgia Hoareau may only be nineteen, but her music spans generations beyond her age. “Only One”, an emotionally-intelligent alt-pop track, was co-written with Patrick James with production from Scott Stevens. Since releasing her debut single ‘17’ in 2021, Hoareau has honed her skills in live performance, playing at the Women’s FIFA Fan Festival, Bleach Festival, Creekfest, and more. After her eagerly anticipated debut EP ‘Wish Somebody Told Her’ dropped on February 23rd, Hoareau began to reach critical and audience acclaim. Interested in penning soul-singing tracks mixed with indie bedroom-pop stylings, Hoareau truly has a monumental rise with nowhere to go but up.

Written By Megan Cao


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