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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Only U in the End" - Umbra Moon

Umbra Moon is bringing a divine sense of femininity back to the music industry with a powerful drive. With “Only U in the End” we can hear the message of not wanting to let someone go, because you know that you only have them in the end. Umbra sings “How I dream of you. A tale where you don’t leave”. This line can make us connect with the feeling of loss, tying back to the rest of the song where we know that even if we lose this person we know that they are still the only one. She sings to share a story that can resonate with fans and reach a variety of audiences. Umbra allows us to go on this personal journey with them where we can hear each infliction of emotion throughout “Only U in the End”.

Umbra uses their background of the violin to guide us through “Only U in the End”. This song starts with a slow electronic blip pairing with their voice. Adding layer by layer we learn more of Umbra's rich voice and story. This deep electronic pop song changes pace to keep listeners engaged. When Umbra picks back up, her vocals follow and ramp up to a rich and full tone. She allows us to feel free to let go while we hear these sweet and sharp belts throughout the song. Her round tones peak by the middle of the song, holding onto each note like it is her last. Enchanting us with multiple layers of her voice, all we can do is wait for each following note.

Umbra Moon is a talented Australian based electronic artist and producer. “Only U in the End” being their first song to be released across multiple platforms. Umbra has built a number of beautiful covers across her SoundCloud to feed fans wanting more of this sharp and resounding tone. “Only U in the End" is an amazing first release for Umbra because it combines her love for classical sounds and pairs it with electronic beats to create something unique and irresistible. Umbra will be performing her first headline show this June in Melbourne to launch her second single and showcase “Only U in the End”. Follow Umbra below to keep up with all of the new things she has coming. You won’t want to miss this incredible sound.

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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