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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Prana" - Olla

Olla creates an exclusive tone for her music, that she develops through her aesthetics, artistry, and musical talent. The exclusive tone also stems from the high quality sound Olla implements into her music. In this her music reveals the dedication and hard work Olla puts into her music. Olla takes her unique qualities as an artist and translates them into her song, "Prana". In "Prana", Olla reveals both her talent and skill for creating pop music. Listeners also become connected to Olla through the vulnerability she expresses with her voice and lyrics. Listeners of "Prana" are sure to be swept away into the exclusive sonic space Olla creates.

Olla's single "Prana" does a great job at combining many different elements to create a seamless pop song. Olla uses varying sounds, and instrumentals that resemble contemporary pop references, while also creating her own unique signature. This along with the original lyrics and vocal styling of Olla, makes "Prana" a perfect representation of the aesthetic and artistic talents of Olla. The song's instrumentals do an amazing job at highlighting Olla's voice and the lyrics she sings. The lyrics, vocal styling, and instrumentals come together to perfectly capture the story Olla is telling. So much so that "Prana" feels like a time capsule that contains all the emotions from the experience Olla sings about.

Olla is a Monaco-based singer songwriter that has a passion for all things music. Olla's passion started young, as she would begin singing at the age of four. Growing up Olla worked hard to prove the seriousness of her passions. Once older Olla began to work with a vocal coach and studied at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Following her training she would decide to move to Monaco, where she would develop her artistry. Olla's career began to take shape after releasing her single "Monte Carlo". The release of this single would lead Olla to have an opportunity to perform at various private events in Monaco. Now Olla focuses on making high quality music that feels unique to her artistic visions.

Written By Alison Holst


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