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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Rough Patch" - Liv Nicholson

Vulnerable and authentic, Liv Nicholson has released something universally relatable with her new single, "Rough Patch." The track features an honest narrative, diving into the experience of feeling doubt and insecurity in a relationship. Nicholson faces the uncertainty of hitting a snag in a relationship, wondering if the romance is coming to an end or if it's just a difficult, passing moment—a rough patch. Leaning into these tentative feelings, "Rough Patch" explores how this situation can leave someone unsure of what they want and needing to trust their heart over their mind.

Starting off simple yet beautiful, "Rough Patch" begins with a scaled-back instrumentation, pairing Liv Nicholson's angelic voice with a tender piano accompaniment. As the song progresses, rich layers are added, creating a lush soundscape with ethereal synths, impactful drums, and bold guitar riffs. Nicholson's passionate melodies are supported by sonorous vocal harmonies during the powerful choruses, giving the song a fullness that compliments the heaviness of this ballad. Between the song's emotionally resonating message and captivating composition, "Rough Patch" is truly a masterpiece.

Currently based in Nashville, Liv Nicholson is a pop-rock artist on the rise. The singer-songwriter moved from New York in 2016, quickly finding her passion for writing and performing pop music. Nicholson has enjoyed much of the process, taking pleasure in the ability to connect with her listeners and their experiences. Finding inspiration in many, Nicholson has cited several female artists as her influences, including Chappell Roan, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, Renee Rapp, and more. The artist has built an impressive catalog around her 2021 debut EP, "Talk It Out," having released several singles and a sophomore EP. Some of Nicholson's popular releases include "Now That You Know Me," "Done," "Fake It," and "3 Decembers."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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