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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Saviour Complex" - Abby Pierrot

On the surface, I could see how one might anticipate Saviour Complex as being yet another break-up song filled with heartache and unrequited love – given the fact that it entails a protagonist canorously calling out her ex-partner’s past transgressions; however, this song is much deeper and more uplifting than that. Abby Pierrot deserves immense credit for her ability to craft a dark pop narrative into an anthem of self-empowerment, one which should surely resonate with all us listeners who’ve unfortunately had to deal with toxic lovers in the past. Abby begins by calling out the song’s antagonist for their self-centered tendencies in her opening line “Don’t you think it’s a little bit serial, the way that you play your game”, implying they routinely take advantage of their love interests and seemingly have little remorse for their actions. She goes on to adroitly draw attention to the fact that her song’s subject is delusional when it comes to how their relationships always end in strife, declaring “So maybe take a look in the mirror, maybe see yourself a little clearer – You need therapy and not another girl to please”. This song is a sable, but inspiriting, dark pop ditty meant to deride all of the relationship narcissists out there who wrongfully believe they aren’t at fault when things don’t work out – a sentiment that is embodied by the eponymous last line of the song’s chorus.

Saviour Complex is a fantastical medley of bright vocals and synth-laden beats, spliced together to create an enigmatically eerie aesthetic that gives visions of a scorned lover filled with disdain for her former partner. The melancholic vibe and unapologetically brooding lyrics heard throughout make this song inherently dark pop in nature. On the technical end, Saviour Complex is artfully textured with heavy synths and a lucid drumbeat – with the drums being swung to create a rhythmic shift as the track builds. There is an impressive use of reverb and space added to Abby’s voice, giving the singer a more bewitching aura, and further enhancing the tune’s sweetly haunting feel. The inclusion of a telephone effect on the second verse was certainly appreciated, as it metaphorically enhanced the sense of separation between Pierrot and the subject of her derision. Overall, this is a song that is overwhelmingly catchy and certainly deserves to be added to your Liked Songs playlist on Spotify if you’re an avid fan of dark pop.

Abby Pierrot is an ascending pop talent from Vancouver, BC, known for her intoxicating voice and Promethean lyrics; a combination she uses to take listeners on a wistful journey of artistic expression. Her passion for music began at a young age, when she taught herself to play guitar, piano and write poetry. Heavily influenced by artists like Lana Del Ray and Halsey, Abby channels inspiration from personal emotions and experiences to craft stirringly authentic pop music for her audience’s consumption. Writing has always been a solitary part of the process for Pierrot, a cathartic experience between the starlet and her notes app that she describes as having “always been a way for me to vent more than anything else”. The July release of her hit single Drink His Wine brought critical acclaim from Sonic Radio, where the host described it as “really cool and a little haunting” with some “really witty lyrics”. In September of this year, Pierrot performed at Barnside Harvest Festival in Delta, B.C. – her first big live show since Covid broke out. Outside of music, Abby has a unique affinity for studying obscure history on Wikipedia, thrifting, and taking care of her four darling cats.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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