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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Simulation" - Jenna Roessler

Jenna Roessler weaves an emotionally charged banger with her latest ditty, Simulation, in which she calls out facetious men who deceive their significant others with lies and fictional personalities. Her stance is quite clear, she simply has no time for deceitful men who seemingly want to play with her heart, choosing instead to call them out directly for their toxic games – “Guess I saw the truth”. Roessler sings of prioritizing herself rather than continue to try and be someone she’s not just to appease her partner, a sentiment that is embodied in the line “I promised myself first, for better or for worse”. Simulation has an ultra-catchy hook in which she sings of fabricated texts from an inhuman partner, leading to the poetic bar “You never loved me, love the simulation”. All in all, this is a refreshingly imaginative take on incompatible romanticism between two lovers and surely deserves a listen from all indie pop fans out there.

Simulation boasts a truly dynamic level of production, carried by some nicely layered strings that are consistent throughout the entire track. The inclusion of a plucked violin adds a fun cinematic element that serves to increase the tension of the song as it progresses. When the hook hits, the snare drum has a big, gated reverb with a sweet 80s sound to it that allows the rest of the composition to really open up for listeners. There's also some wild vocal layers and processing that contribute to the whole simulation atmosphere and if you listen closely, it's almost like Roessler’s own voice is pitched and distorted to create this cool effect. The synth lead gives big Rick and Morty vibes, further adding to the song’s sci fi element of feeling simulated. Additionally, there exists an interesting contrast between a soft piano during the verses and the heavy guitars and big snare drum in the hooks. Simulation showcases an impressive level of production that is filled with a plethora of diverse and trippy technical effects that help to set the atmosphere for the entire tune.

Originally hailing from Fenton, Missouri, Jenna Roessler is a nineteen-year-old singer, songwriter and actress who has been taking the Midwest by storm with her booming voice and lyrical wizardry. Jenna is also a talented instrumentalist who plays both the guitar and piano in her songs – which can be described as “stories of love, heartbreak, and the tapestry of human connection.” After graduating high school, Roessler moved to the musical hub of Nashville in pursuit of her musical aspirations, finding the city to be an immense inspiration to her songwriting. In an effort to craft melodies uniquely her own, the young starlet continues to channel her own original sound by pushing the limits of fusing elements of indie and pop. Be sure to keep Roessler on your radar as she continues to evolve with her songwriting, as there is no doubt her talent and massive potential are sure to take her to the next level as an artist.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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