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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Stop, Rewind" - Ivy Ash

Nobody is perfect and we all have our flaws. Everybody makes mistakes and when we do, we have to look forward and continue life regardless of what mistakes we've made. Ivy Ash’s single, “Stop, Rewind” is about moving on from mistakes and learning lessons from them. The past is in the past for a reason and not letting it hold us back will help us carry on with ourselves. It’s hard to not think about the times where we've messed up and sometimes we dwell on what we could've done differently, but we have to learn from our experiences and accept our choices. The best way to let things go and cope is to swallow your pride and move on to bigger and better things.

Ivy Ash starts “Stop, Rewind” off with a groovy hook. The energetic soundscape creates a funky feel contrasted with motivational lyrics about leaving our past behind. The beat matches Ivy’s tone which creates a fun energy that will get you dancing on your feet. The style of this song sounds like it could be a part of the Pitch Perfect franchise soundtrack with its trendy tune and high-spirited vocals. Ivy has a charm through her voice that is appealing to the listener. Although the song is uplifting, Ivy uses her emotion to show importance and a seriousness to the topic, especially towards the end of the song. It emphasizes the important message with its subtle change to create a perfect ending for the track.

Ivy Ash is an up-and-coming artist/topline writer based in the UK. She is one of the UK’s midsize fashion and beauty online queens. She has an outlook on body positivity, feminism, and mental health. She’s been listed #8 out of the top 30 most-played local artists of the year through BBC Introducing shows. Some of her other tracks have been named “Track of the Week” on BBC Music Introducing stations. Ivy has secured many funding awards such as Arts Council England’s “Developing Your Creative Practice Fund” and Help Musician’s UK “Transmission Fund.” Other than pursuing music, she is in her 3rd year of Music Business studies at BIMM in Birmingham and also working part-time as a Music Publishing Assistant in Leicester. She’s definitely an artist worth checking out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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