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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Stupid Face" - J0VANNA

A relationship that has been able to maintain that new-love high for so long is rare to come by. It’s the kind of love that makes anyone feel like a young giggly teen. These relationships may make us seem ridiculous at how obsessed and in love we are, but it’s all worth it, in the end, to be with that specific person. This is what artist, J0VANNA, sings about in her latest single, “Stupid Face.” The pop track is a fun and bubbly tune that discusses a relationship that has been in such a good place since it began. It’s about the joys of a relationship and how the speaker depends on love to bring her joy on a daily basis. The song is a lighthearted love letter and it’s a fun track to play in the car as you think about that special someone.

What’s nice about the song is that it keeps the production simple, and this allows for J0VANNA’s voice to shine. Her singing comes in strong, and it really keeps the song alive. There’s a line during the pre-chorus about staying in the honeymoon stage with nothing changing, and it perfectly represents what the song is painting. There’s a comedic factor in the way J0VANNA refers to her partner’s “stupid face.” It adds to that feeling of being in a relationship that is so sweet, it makes you feel young and childish. The wording “stupid face” feels like a perfect fit for the chorus and title of the song. The post-chorus consists of some nice harmonies that allow for J0VANNA to have fun with her voice and show it off. Additionally, the chorus of the song shows off more of that hopeless devotion the speaker has for their partner. During the bridge, we get to hear more of the power in J0VANNA’s voice and it shows off the power and talent she brings to the game. “Stupid Face” serves as a fun love song that shows off the joys of being in a healthy relationship that has been able to maintain the love bug symptoms since the first bite.

J0VANNA is a young artist originally from Miami, Florida, and is currently a student at Berklee College of Music. She’s had a passion for music since she was a young girl and it’s a passion that has carried on in her life. With a love for songwriting and three singles already out, it’s clear that J0VANNA is beginning to find her style as she keeps working on her craft. Her style now consists of elements of retro pop and R&B, while also providing captivating vocal performances. J0VANNA’s talent truly shines through, and it’s a talent that will allow her to grow as an artist. “Stupid Face” is the new pop track to stream and save and J0VANNA is the next artist to check out.

Written By Chantal Charles


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